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Acquaint Yourself with Luxury and Affordability: Ashley Furniture

As a family owned business, Ashley Furniture prides itself on its dedication to its customers and its craft. With over 70 years of experience in the industry of home decor and affordable furniture, the company continues to innovate to this day—creating timeless, comfortable and livable styles that all Americans treasure and love. Inspired by their travels around the world, the designers at Ashley Furniture bring the latest trends, techniques and materials to bear in everything that their company assembles and produces here in the U.S.

By shopping at Furniture Ville in Bronx, NY, you’re guaranteed an impeccable selection of some of the best in modern, contemporary and traditional styles—all backed by Ashley Furniture.

Streamlined Style in an Ashley Furniture Dining Room

Serve your closest companions any day or night of the week at an Ashley Furniture dining room, featuring a compact or dropleaf dining table. Purchase an entire matching set and be impressed by the charm and craftsmanship of each individual piece: from ladderback chairs to elegant, and supremely versatile, family style dining benches. Whether you’re hosting your entire family or an exclusive circle of friends, you’ll have the space, and the aesthetic, to create an atmosphere that is as warm as it is lively.

Ashley Furniture Only Designs Beautiful Bedrooms

If you’ve ever imagined the epitome of the modern bedroom, you’ll find it manifest in front of you in one of Ashley Furniture’s refreshing styles. Purchase your bedroom set, including a matching dresser, mirror and storage bed, with any sized mattress, and admire the black finish of Ashley’s rich contemporary furniture. Appreciate the complementary decor of your headboard and nearby nightstand, as you settle down for a relaxing evening or extended morning of snoozing. It’s easy to feel comfortable in an Ashley Furniture bedroom.

A Powerfully Accented Ashley Furniture Living Room

As the center of all your leisurely activities, your home living room should be as comfortable and stylish as you can possibly make it.. Ashley Furniture simplifies the process of assembling living room sofas and designer upholstery that are as chic as they are practical. Scalable to spaces of any size, large or small, their accent ottomans and chairs can transform a living room, bringing a much needed dose of glitz and glam.

If you’re fan of affordability, durability and luxury, then you’ll want to visit Furniture Ville in Bronx, NY to sample all the sets and styles of Ashley Furniture for yourself.